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Souvenirs of Bucovina:
A Romanian Survival Guide


In the spring of 2011, my wife and production partner Diana Zelman, four of my video production students, and I spent three and a half weeks in Northern Romania shooting a two-hour documentary titled SOUVENIRS OF BUCOVINA:  A Romanian Survival Guide.

Fortunately for us, our primary guide and translator for that project was the inimitable Sorin Fodor, a man who seemingly knows everything there is to know about the Bukovina region of Northern Romania and Southern Ukraine.

In particular, Sorin knows the ongoing culture of the region, from its world-renowned painted monasteries to its traditional pottery and native dances, and he also knows the overall history of the region, from two thousand years of invaders and conquerors, to the principality of ancient Moldavia, to the Austro-Hungarian occupation that invented and populated Bucovina itself, to the deportation and annihilation of Jews and Rroma (gypsies) during World War II, to the decades of Romanian Communism that followed, and finally, to the 1989 Revolution that created the young democracy we know today.

Not only can Sorin tell you when and why anything notable has happened in this region, but he also can take you precisely to where everything has happened.  In short, any English-speaking tourists, pilgrims, journalists, media professionals, academics, politicians, or businesspersons visiting Northern Romania will find no more charming, articulate or knowledgeable guide than Suceava’s own Sorin Fodor.

As evidence of that fact, please feel free to view the attached twenty-minute trailer for our 2013 film SOUVENIRS OF BUCOVINA, which features numerous appearances by our impeccable guide and translator himself.  A few of those appearances are included in the trailer.
Robert Mugge
Documentary Filmmaker & Endowed Chair Professor
Ball State University Muncie, Indiana USA

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