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There were large Jewish, German and Austrian communities in this region and descendants of these peoples come here every year to find out about their ancestors and to see their native land.  An important and influential community was the Jewish and here you can discover a lot of hidden old Jewish cemeteries and synagogues.

Some of the people  whose origins are in Bucovina are still coming here and explore to find their roots. I have helped some of them to find locations, cemeteries, graves and names. For me it was an unforgettable and powerful experience.

These missions were always successful and I have carried out searches in Radauti, Botosani, Dorohoi, Iasi and near Sibiu and Gherla in Transylvania.

Jewish cemetery in Bucovina Jewish cemetery in Bucovina







     If you are looking for a place, a location, a name,  I'll provide any information and help.

“Thanks to our guide we were able to find out where my father’s village was and where he came from. I had copies made of what we found about Porumbacu village and had all my family over and also the film developed. I showed the film and gave everyone copies of our papers that I brought home. Everyone was elated that I gave them copies, and they really enjoyed the pictures. I think you have a beautiful country, the mountains were just beautiful. The trip on the train was also marvelous, I just enjoyed it all. Thank you for everything, I hope you will always be blessed.”

Virginia Boger, USA - July 2005

“I honestly tell you I already miss Romania. I think about the time spent looking for my grandfather’s roots with great pleasure. My mother and I talk about the trip all the time, we look at our pictures and we remember the excitement of finding her father’s birth record. You will always be with us in our hearts”

Gail Buck, USA - August 2005

“Sorin is a fine guide, devoted to his charges, good driver, reluctant to accept the paid dinner stipulated in the contract -- we gladly paid when he was with us.
Finding my history in Iasi was a success. We visited father's factory and even found the place the family lived during 1935-40. "

Wolfgang Schaechter, USA - June 2006

Please contact me for any detailed information.

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