Sucevita - detail from "Ladder of Virtues"


Church of Resurrection - Sucevita Monastery

SucevitaThis spectacular monastery was erected between 1584-1586 by the princely family Movilă and has the biggest number of wall paintings from all painted monasteries.

It was painted both inside and outside between 1596-1601 by Ioan and his brother Sofronie and it was the last monastery decorated with exterior frescoes.

Sucevita Monastery also has the best preserved frescoes to this day from all painted monasteries and some attractions are “Moses' life”, depicted on the ceiling of the room of the tombs on the inside and the famous “Ladder of the Virtues” on the exterior.

The museum has a rich and valuable collection of religious artifacts and icons, which includes the oldest painted icon found by now in Moldavia, dated in 1514.


Sucevita Sucevita Sucevita Sucevita Sucevita

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